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"As a passionate tennis player and innovative entrepreneur, I fulfilled a dream 30 years ago and built the Tennis Point Vienna. Then as now, my wish is that all guests enjoy the feeling of a living room atmosphere .”

Dr. Hubert Schmitt


Dear guests,


today, as work-life-balance becomes and spear time become more and more important, but "free" time becomes less, we like to give you a time out of everyday´s life.

During the last 30 years the Tennis Point Vienna used to change, was upgraded or rebuilt, to support new trends. (Where there used to be aerobic courses, squash is played today. For the tennis achievement centre a new annex was built. These courts are badminton courts and give space for table tennis for the huge badminton- and table tennis community. The first floor was completely restructured to widen the offer of physical therapy.

Today racketlon is very popular. Tennis Point Vienna is one of only four Centers in Vienna that offer all four racketlon disciplines – tennis, badminton, squash and table tennis. 

Also off-court you find a huge offer about wellness and health: with fitness-Rooms, sauna, massage, physical therapy and a restaurant, Tennis Point Vienna is one of the largest indoor-centers in Vienna.

As important as development and changes as important is coninuity: As a Viennese family enterprise we are very thankful for having such a lot of loyal guest – even for decades. And we are very happy about every new guest who trusts in us. 

As many of our guests, also some of our collegues are working at Tennis Point Vienna for many years, even decades. Each of your team we show the highest respect and gratitude for their daily effort and loyalty. 


We all give our best to offer the "livingroom atmosphere" and wish you a pleasant, sporty and relaxing time out of your everyday life :). 


Dr. Hubert Schmitt (owner), Mag. Josef Sperr (director), Mag. (FH) Babsi Schmitt (general manager)


Andi, Momirka, Lorenzo & Patrick sweep through the house every day from 5 a.m....


Josef, Kati, Theo, Sandra & Babsi welcome you daily personally, by phone, online or via chat. 

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